4 Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing Trends for 2022
Stay up to date with the most important marketing trends for 2022, according to our research across a wide variety of industries. Whether you work in health, education, e-commerce or anything in between, these 4 marketing trends will shape the evolution of all industries in 2022. 

It is no secret that the marketing industry evolves at a rapid pace. 

In the last few years many industries have been faced with the need to increase their digital capabilities. As a result, companies have invested time and energy in their digital marketing in order to stay connected with customers and stakeholders. Additionally, many companies are looking to maintain and improve internal operations.

It seems as quickly as these industries found their “groove” in the digital world, restrictions eased and stakeholders opted to spend less time with their heads in the heavily invested digital world. As customers went for strolls, caught up with friends and returned to “normal” life, many companies saw a slump in online interaction. 

Across industries, COVID-19 has rapidly shifted the way in which we interact with companies from customer, employee and stakeholder perspectives. The rapid pace at which trends are shifting and changing shows no sign of stopping. 

Staying up to date will be critical to the success of businesses across industries in 2022. To help you with your marketing strategy, we have compiled a short list of marketing trends for 2022 from both an internal and external standpoint. In other words, these trends will be just as important for an employee as they are for your customers or stakeholders.

Without further adeu, here are our 4 Marketing Trends for 2022… 

1. Do more good in the world.

This trend has arisen during COVID and has become yet another “new normal”. As the world gets COVID under control, the spotlight on the pandemic is dissipating. Many are looking to the horizon for good companies doing good things. In fact, consumers have used lockdown time to scrutinise brands’ impact on the world. The focus on environmental sustainability, social and local community impact, staff treatment, and supply chain morality will be an ongoing priority for consumers. Also, with more time at home, people have become even more savvy. Those companies who have rested in greenwashing tactics thus far can, will (and should) be exposed. Keeping up with marketing trends for 2022 will predominantly lie in your ability to embody your brand values and deliver meaningful impact. 

2. Be true to your brand (as you Market for Good).

If you haven’t already defined your brand’s purpose, this should be a key focus for 2022 across all actions you take. Namely, developing your “origin story” is core to help generate real, emotional connections with your consumers. This trend is not limited to B2C marketing either. B2B organisations should be developing purposeful connections, too. In fact, consumer psychology is becoming more important in B2B targeting. For example, emotional connection and soft skills will be front and centre to ongoing business and marketing attributes. 

When choosing partnerships and causes to alight with in, one must not forget oneself. Always be true to yourself and your brand when choosing to back causes. For example, key not-for-profits such as Good360 or OzHarvest demonstrate givebacks and community contribution. Another route you could consider is signing up for certifications such as B-Corporations. These are currently the ultimate verification on social good, due to the lengthy process and independent valuation that is attributed to the final B-Corp score. Additionally, this offers transparency to consumers who know that they can gain insights into the business across multiple areas, and in an ongoing capacity. 

If your company doesn’t have a greater purpose, or is not actively giving back to the world or/and your local communities, you should consider why. As the world shows its fragility, cracked and fractured under human pressure, it is on all of us to make it a better place. Plus, it will increase your appeal with consumers and your employees. 

3. Reconfigure your consumer targeting.

The demand for privacy will continue to be a key trend into 2022. This trend has been ongoing, as consumers become increasingly aware of how their data is stored and used. For instance, recent actions by tech companies will soon force you and your brand to restructure how you collect and use third-party data. It is official, 2022 heralds the end of a cookie-dependent world. 

Data-sharing is now in the hands of consumers. Apple has started to create more transparency around data collection with their iOS 14.5 and upcoming iOS 15 updates, enabling the consumer to approve what data they share. In tandem, Safari and Firefox have severely amended their cookie collecting capacity, following the initial timeline of 2022 that Google had outlined. Google has since extended that deadline to 2023, meaning that you have more time to pivot and adapt to new ways to target marketing to consumers. 

Test & Learn

2022 will be a crucial time to test and learn different marketing and targeting practices. Be prepared for first-party data to be the priority as new ways to target our consumers emerge. Some in the industry accuse third-party cookies as a “lazy” way for collecting data that was just too easy and too convenient for any real developments to occur. These changes are said to create more innovation. Thus, over the next few years, we can expect to see a multitude of different approaches and models in the space. 

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a model that is gaining traction in the US and around the world as a third-party cookie replacement. Instead of tracking the person behind the searches and collecting an individual’s data, it focuses on keywords, search terms, and topics to gain understanding as to where to place their ads. For example, google can place your ad next to/in the most relevant pages within those search parameters. This is the first, scaled alternative to third-party cookies, but will not be the last. 2022 is the year to figure out exactly what will work best for you and your audiences moving forward. 

4. Improve your internal communications.

Internal communications have become an integral part of almost every company. With the labour reset that is happening in the US and Australia, it is imperative to get employees onboard and emotionally invested in your company. Engaged workers have been shown to be more productive. Similarly, your employees are the first contact before your customers, holding the power to enhance your brand’s image (or not). A key way to keep abreast of changes, to engage employees, and show them that they are valued and listened to, is internal communications. 

In a recent Edelman study, 77% of Corporate Communications Officers (CCOs) reported that the role of communications as being a strategic business driver changed within their organisation during the last year. Considering this, many are planning to integrate internal communications as a strategically operated channel moving forward. The same report shows that 62% of CCOs report they will increase focus on employee communications in 2022. Meanwhile, 54% rank employee communications in their top five areas of talent investment for the coming year.

In 2022, learning how to elevate your internal communications to ensure that your business is thriving on the inside, will promote awareness and increase profits. Communications should go beyond mass emails, and include a range of opportunities to encourage and induce conversations around how the business is run, pain points, priorities, purpose, and ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of employees. More so, with increased consumer focus on how companies treat their employees, investing in them and making them feel valued will be an asset.

Final word.

2022 will be an interesting year as things (seemingly) start to settle. It will be a period of flux, test and learn, and figuring out new ways to play in a post-COVID era. These 4 Marketing Trends for 2022 trends can act as a guide on where to focus and prioritise on a general level. 

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