Conference promotion campaign

Building interest and excitement within a niche medical sector.

Background & challenge:

As a member organisation for Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine in Australia, ACPSEM was tasked with promoting the widely respected EPSM conference with a niche group of professionals, clinical engineers. This group was feeling disengaged as the conference hadn’t previously catered to their needs. With a fresh focus on this sector, ACPSEM needed a conference promotion campaign to spark interest with clinical engineers and drive them to sign-up.

Our Solution:

Considering the disengagement of the target audience, it was important to maintain a consistent presence and a steady flow of key messages when promoting the conference. Considering ACPSEM’s significant social media following and the close-knit nature of this particular sector, we developed a suite of eye catching social media tiles and emails (eDMs) in a number of styles, designed to build excitement and share key highlights of speakers, topics and events across the conference. To authentically connect with this group, we also reached out to key influencers in the sector, sharing with them messages and images that they could use to promote the conference and encourage their own followers to get involved.


What happened next:

The conference promotion campaign yielded sign up numbers that far exceeding the ACPSEM‘s targets across the campaign period. In the longer term, ACPSEM now have a suite of impactful (and editable) digital materials that they can use themselves for the promotional of future conferences and a great framework for future partnerships with influencers.


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