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Multi-award winning industry Superannuation fund, EISS Super, came to Juntos Marketing looking for an engaging corporate communications campaign. There was a need to bring internal teams together and to further develop an already strong work culture by clearly communicating their newly drafted organisational values and company vision to their 70+ staff.

The Human Resources team at EISS Super were seeking direction for how the organisation’s recently introduced vision and values could be easily and effectively communicated to ensure they stay front of mind.

Our solution

With EISS Super’s needs in mind, Juntos Marketing devised an internal communications plan with several creative solutions across various internal touch-points to achieve awareness and understanding of the values and vision. The plan consisted of an initial adaptation of the values for communication purposes into meaningful, eye-catching and easy to understand icon designs – one for each company value which were then used in all communications for consistency.

To formally introduce the values to employees, a 10-minute video was produced. This showed management and team-members talking to camera, introducing the new values and providing examples of the values in action. The video was shown at an all-staff company address and off-site.

Following-on from the all staff off-site afternoon, the company vision and values (icons) were incorporated into a functional company day-book for every staff member to use ensuring both ongoing awareness and message resonance.

Image from EISS Super values screensaver


The value icons and mission were also communicated via a range of other marketing materials including A3 posters to be displayed at key viewing points around the office e.g. meeting rooms and communal areas. This allowed for employee exposure with the important messages. Full colour A4 laminated desk guides were also created for display in all employee’s personal work areas/desk to act as prompts and reminders.

To ensure the values stayed top of mind and to further utilise the office environment, the company value icons were also adapted into internal computer screensavers and large wall decals for installation onto the communal kitchen wall. This not only brightened the space but gave employees dwell time with the important messages – encouraging them to be embraced.

Branded diary for EISS Super

EISS Super branded values diary planner


What happened next

EISS Super couldn’t be happier with the corporate communications campaign, remarking that they were “impressed with our ideas to clearly communicate to their staff and the quality and effectiveness of the work” and also in our ability to understand their unique communication needs.

There is no doubt that at this challenging time, workplaces are changing at a rapid pace. Clear corporate communications are now more important than ever. Juntos Marketing can help professional service firms and other organisations to navigate the seas of change with expert advice and a collaborative, effective approach that addresses your needs. Please contact us for a free consultation and to find out more about our corporate communications offering.

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