Building better insights through customer segmentation

Moir Group used qualitative research to better understand their candidates needs. Clearer insights have helped them to build stronger, long-term relationships.


Knowing that candidates are the key to their success, Moir Group has developed an enviable position as the leading accounting and finance recruitment company in Australia. The business knew that it wanted to partner with candidates throughout their career: from newly- and part-qualified to experienced CFO and Finance Director levels. In order to develop services and offers that truly meet their candidates’ needs throughout their career, Moir Group wanted to better understand the important candidate segments.

Our solution

Juntos Marketing conducted an extensive series of in-depth interviews with accounting and finance professionals across the full career span. Themes and insights were developed to enhance understanding of key needs at each career stage, and for those with differing professional interests and aspirations. In addition to considering career stage and based on Moir’s commitment to diversity, we investigated the needs of women compared to men, particularly the needs of those re-entering the workforce after a period of parental leave.

When accounting and finance professionals are seeking the next step in their career, a very important determinant of success is having a strong partnership with the right recruitment firm. The customer segmentation study helped this by providing a far better picture of the types of information, tools, events and skills that would be most helpful to people at key points in their professional life. The study also provided a clearer direction in how people would prefer to receive information and engage with the business.

What happened next

Juntos Marketing has worked with Moir Group to put the important customer segmentation findings into practice. Examples include Moir Group’s well-respected events program which now includes a highly successful series for segments such as emerging leaders, and the new Moir Group website which includes a range of tailored content for each key customer segment, from video to tips sheets to elearning modules.

Understanding each candidate segment better has meant our marketing can be much more focused and we are much better equiped to develop truly meaningful, lifetime relationships with candidates. Our events are now highly-targeted and we are delighted with how successful our newer events are. The segmentation and research were vital in taking this step.

Stephen Moir, Director of Moir Group


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