EISS Super


EISS Super is a multi-award-winning industry Super fund. They provide quality superannuation, retirement, education and financial planning services to their members and employers. They are responsible for managing over 6 billion on behalf of more than 22,000 members.

EISS Super engaged to clearly communicate a new corporate vision to staff and help embed new values across the organisation.

EISS Branding


We started by giving ‘life’ to each of the values, designing an eye-catching and easy to understand icons for each of them.

The new values were then communicated to staff across the organisation via a range of materials. Posters, wall decals, desk guides and screen savers were installed in and around the office. Customised notebooks were produced and distributed to staff to help embed the new values in their day-to-day routine.

EISS Branding
EISS branding

We also scripted and produced a short video where management and key staff explained and gave content to the new vision and values. This is was played during launch and then housed on the EISS intranet, which we were also commissioned to produce at the end of this project.

The Sharepoint intranet site was given a professional look, reflecting EISS Super branding and the new internal values materials. Our design was clear and intuitive to both the user and the site admins, allowing users to update and access information quickly.



staff received comms


page intranet built

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