Infographic design for staff engagement

Development of Infographics for use by NADA – Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agency.


NADA – the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs agency wanted a tool to communicate with staff, managers and individuals around their emotions, needs and wellbeing, with an emphasis on drug and alcohol use, at both work and at home. Presentation of the detail, information and checklist needed to be appealing, clear and encouraging.

Our Solution – Infographic Design

Developing several concepts ideas, Juntos presented Infographic alternatives for NADA to consider for their target audiences. In line with the objectives it was agreed to develop two Infographics that were standalone and yet would work as part of an overall package and reinforce a consistent message of care and wellbeing. The colours, tone and layout were of particular importance and needed to be engaging, targeted and guiding. The Infographics were provided as both print ready and as an email-able pdf.

What happened next?

The two infographics produced were complimentary in look and feel and yet meet different target groups. Each infographic was clear and appealing and each were well received by their end users.


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