Engaging your staff in online training isn’t easy. Let’s face it – online training can be pretty dry, particularly when the courses are ‘must do’s’ such as those that need 100% completion for compliance requirements.
Companies such as Kineo have introduced some really clever initiatives to better engage learners, from the length of the course, to making it easy to ‘contextualise’ the course content – a rather long word meaning making the course look and feel relevant to your staff, your industry and/or your location.


Such innovative products make great content foundations to work with. Coupled with strong market understanding, the potential for excellent content is exciting.


When we first started working with Kineo, we conducted an extensive series of in-depth interviews, helping the team to better understand their market.


From there we have planned, designed, written and produced all manner of content, from short videos to landing pages, from infographics to white papers and from social media assets to downloadables.
Depending on the challenge at hand and the markets that Kineo are aiming to reach, these assets all fit within a content strategy, to make sure they’re targeted to the right audiences at the right time in their buyer journey.
And the outcome? Many of these content pieces are Kineo’s best-performing.

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