Mentor Walks


In 2017 Bobbi Mahlab and Adina Jacobs experienced Mentor Walks while attending an overseas conference, and felt there would be a strong demand for the program for Australian women. They originally launched in Sydney and to date over 3500 mentees have participated in the program.

The Mentor Walks program provides a unique opportunity for women to access informal mentoring and assistance from respected and experienced female leaders, in the format of physical walks. Participants are linked in small groups to a mentor, with whom they talk, connect, share questions and seek advice to progress professionally.

The founders of Mentor Walks approached Juntos Marketing to assist in quantifying tangible outcomes of the program, which could be used to promote wider support for the program and secure additional grant funding.

Mentor Walks Research


In order to gain the understanding required, Juntos Marketing designed and developed a detailed mentee and mentor online survey.  We worked closely with the client to ensure a strong response rate. We then analysed all results and developed key findings and recommendations. 

The research outcomes provided the Mentor Walks team with statistically reliable results so they could confidently share their direct and measurable impacts on job creation. The research provided tangible outcomes in numbers of women are being hired and hiring as a result of Mentor Walks, and in key indicators of career milestones and leadership development.



research participants - mentors and mentees


of mentees report positive employment outcomes as a result of participating in Mentor Walks. This includes securing a new job, a promotion, a raise, or hiring new staff


of participants feel more optimistic about the future as a result of Mentor Walks


say Mentor Walks has positively impacted their confidence and self-esteem


of mentees have taken a significant career step since participating in Mentor Walks. Of these, 33% said Mentor Walks was an important factor

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