Moir Group


Moir Group is a leading Finance and Accounting recruitment firm, based in Sydney. Their motto is “satisfying job, fulfilling life”. Care and long-term relationships are central to their business model and brand values.

In-depth customer research showed that Moir Group customers valued an organisation that could not only provide a good selection of jobs, but also guide and inform them about matters related to their career.

Moir Group e-learning portal


Following a website review, we built a new online learning and events portal tailored to aid progression through career stages. Content on the site was aligned to customer segments and included a range of easy to digest formats, such as videos, webinars, infographics and fact sheets.


We then developed a content calendar to ensure fresh, relevant and targeted content continued to be produced after site launch. We regularly assist with content production, distribution and amplification.

Quarterly events and highly targeted search optimised (SEO) blogs have been shown to be particularly useful in attracting traffic to the website and building engagement. Collaborations with prominent economists/financial organisations has extended reach through influencer networks.



blogs written annually


pieces of content created


increased web traffic

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