Moir Group

Having a satisfying job in an organisation that is the right fit, can make all the difference. We have worked with Moir Group for over 15 years, to help them get the word out about the care they take, in matching candidates to the right role and company. It’s a win-win for clients too.


Having always focused on recruitment for finance and accounting professionals, it was a big step when Moir Group launched their new ESG service in 2023. ESG (environment, social and governance) covers roles in sustainability. ESG is a growing field, as more and more organisations focus on their environmental impacts and adhere to current or imminent regulatory reporting. Given Moir Group’s strong finance links, many of their ESG roles involve reporting, compliance, strategy and analytics.


To help Moir Group launch their new offering, and to support their clients and candidates in the sector, we have produced a range of content, including informational flyers and PDFs, a landing page, blog posts, videos and support for their successful events and webinars.


Moir Group Marketing Strategy and Content
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