NSW Department of Primary Industries


There are five mainland marine parks in NSW. NSW Department of Primary Industries recently implemented a new approach to marine park management, aiming to conserve environmental, social, cultural and economic values, and address key threats to those values, in accordance with the Marine Estate Management Act 2014.

To support their new approach to marine park management planning, Juntos Marketing was engaged to undertake quantitative research. The purpose of the research was to understand community perceptions of both the values and the threats to the Batemans Marine Park.


Given the importance of understanding the perceptions of both locals and visitors to the area, our suggested approach incorporated intercept recruitment combined with an online survey. A wide range of infield locations were selected across the Batemans Marine Park area, reflecting the diversity of the area.

The use of an online survey provided a cost effective means of securing responses from a statistically reliable sample. All results were analysed and full findings were developed.

Results provided insights into perceptions and use of the Batemans Marine Park by various users and interest groups, and gave direction in terms of planning management objectives, actions and programs.



locals and visitors to Batemans Marine park area provided responses. They represented a wide socio-demographic cross section


of respondents highly value the natural environment and want the area passed to future generations in a healthy condition


of respondents see marine litter and the illegal taking of fish as the greatest threats to the coastal area

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