Redesign of professional marketing materials

Quality Practice Accreditation (QPA) wanted a new look across their sales and marketing materials. Engaging design and clear, consistent messaging is carried throughout.


As a result of a major business review, Quality Practice Accreditation (QPA) identified that there was a need to redesign marketing materials in order to support their sales team and help the continued growth of the business.

Our Solution

Following an interactive stakeholder workshop, Juntos Marketing developed a thorough plan to redesign QPA‘s marketing materials. We identified the right messages to resonate with QPA’s key partners and clients. QPA’s key brand messages were incorporated into a series of sales and marketing materials to support the sales team. A tag line was incorporated within the logo helping to quickly communicate their offer to potential new clients.

The redesigned marketing materials showcase QPA’s strengths and assist staff to communicate key messages consistently, something that is particularly important as more staff take on regular customer service and sales responsibilities.


What happened next?

QPA were happy with the redesign of marketing materials. They now have a suite of printed brochures, flyers and PDFs that guide and support the sales team to meet their clients’ needs. Their logo and visual identity quickly communicates their strengths, and has built on their name change. As a result of the redesign process, QPA has clear and consistent messages, and they are well equipped for any market changes that may occur in the coming months and years.


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