Strategic marketing workshop & plan

An interactive stakeholder workshop helped Accountancy Insurance to refresh their marketing strategy. A detailed marketing plan then provided a clear, focussed direction for future activities.


With a new marketing team on board and recent changes to senior management, Accountancy Insurance wanted to revisit their marketing efforts. Based on significant growth in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, they felt it was timely to review priorities and confirm the best use of their marketing time and resources. Having been associated with Accountancy Insurance for over 10 years, Juntos Marketing agreed that a review of marketing strategy would be very worthwhile and we were delighted to partner with Accountancy Insurance again.

Our solution

Initially Juntos Marketing worked with Accountancy Insurance’s senior Australian executive to plan the most useful agenda and outline for their strategic stakeholder workshop. By involving all key stakeholders in the marketing workshop, they were able to tap into experience, ensure team buy-in and develop the foundations of a unique strategy to build on their market-leading position.

Based on the marketing workshop outcomes, Juntos Marketing worked closely with the marketing team at Accountancy Insurance to develop and document their marketing strategy including updated brand positioning, clear objectives and strong, consistent main messages for use across web and printed materials. From there we worked with Accountancy Insurance to develop a detailed marketing plan, providing guidance, a clear roadmap and the right structure to enable the marketing team to prioritise and action their updated marketing approaches.

What happened next

Accountancy Insurance have wasted no time in putting the new strategy and plan into action. Initiatives that are likely to deliver the best returns have been prioritised. Some activities have been down-weighted while others with stronger business potential are receiving greater attention, and there is a clearer outline for tactical approaches to potential competitive aggression. The business’s main messages are being consistently incorporated across their materials, and updates to their website and digital presence are already in development.

Juntos provided a structure and the strategic guidance we needed to develop a strong commercial approach to our marketing. The marketing strategy and plan they developed for us has meant we can quickly and confidently implement our priority activities and ensure we get the best returns for our marketing investment.

Roman Kaczynski, Director, Accountancy Insurance

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