Based in NSW, Tresillian offers support and guidance to parents with young children. The service is very well known and highly respected among health professionals and the community in general. The Tresillian approach places the baby and the family at the centre of any support they provide, be that via their residential and day stay facilities, via their phone support line or via their web based materials.


Based on Juntos Marketing’s strategic approach to health promotion development, we were able to develop an effective health promotion campaign that clearly guided health professionals (GPs and Child and Family Health nurses) in how to direct and refer parents to Tresillian services. The campaign educated referrers in how to use the new online registration forms and equipped referrers to better educate prospective clients.

The campaign included a range of printed materials, including a flyer and magnet postcard, a press release and article, as well as a digital ad for Tresillian to use across multiple digital platforms.


The most important outcome of this health promotion campaign has been in improved efficiencies.  The campaign targeted doctors, nurses, midwives and other referrers, educating them about the new online referrer portal.

Adherence to this new referral approach has empowered Tresillian’s highly trained staff to more efficiently match clients to the right services.  By directing the large majority of referrals to the online process, internal Tresillian resources have successfully been freed up to spend more time focusing on direct service provision.

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