University of Sydney


A team at the University of Sydney came to Juntos Marketing to help them develop a custom online solution for their HOME Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (Home FAST), a validated tool that identifies falls risk in the home. By designing and developing user-friendly online versions of the tool, the team were hoping to reach a much wider group of older people, thereby reducing their risk of falls. The main aim of the custom-built website was to help keep older people safe and living independently at home.


We developed single comprehensive website that targeted two very different audiences through separate portals: older people who are potentially at risk and Occupational Therapists who advise their elderly patients. The accompanying custom-built online health assessment tools featured complex conditional logic within a set of multiple choice questions and included simple follow-up steps for the user to understand their score, learn more about falls prevention and/or share the results easily with a patient.

It was important for us to ensure the website was designed to reflect the mind-set and needs of each group, making their user experience clear and intuitive. It was important to ensure the complexity of the tool was not apparent when using it, ensuring functionality was seamless and the display was simple and clear.

HomeFast e-learning portal
HomeFast e-learning portal
HomeFast e-learning portal


Oldest User

94 years old

Accessed in Australia, Uk & China


This digital screening solution turned a paper based tool into an online assessment that provided greater access to people of all age groups in rural and regional areas.

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