Communicating well during COVID-19

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Communicating well during Coronavirus (COVID-19) is essential for businesses wanting to succeed. Keeping customers close, especially during times of social distancing can be difficult. By helping to support, educate (and even entertain) their customers, businesses can make themselves invaluable and in doing so can ‘make the most of the crisis’.

There is a real art in knowing what and how to communicate (and even when it’s best to say nothing at all). Speed, efficiency and most importantly value all need to be considered. Lasting relationships can be built by adding genuine value to people’s lives through the content you produce.

Read on to find out how Juntos Marketing has been working with forward-thinking organisations to develop targeted communications during these challenging times.


Businesses are having to adapt to COVID-19 at break-neck speed. Product availability, service restrictions and new modes of delivery are just some of the adjustments being made. These changes need to be explained quickly and effectively to avoid confusion and getting customers off-side.

Telehealth is one such area. Health professionals and patients alike require support to understand new technologies and forms of digital treatment. Communicating well during Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant providing explanatory resources. To assist with explaining recent changes, Juntos Marketing produced two fact sheets (one for health practitioners and one for patients) explaining how to get the most out of a video consultation. Our way of ‘giving back’ during the COVID-19 crisis is to make these flyers available for free download.


During COVID-19 many people are using their downtime to up-skill. As unemployment and isolation increase there has been a corresponding uptake in online education. Webinars, podcasts and e-learning are all very popular at the moment. Providing opportunities for self-improvement is a great (and valued) way for organisations to engage with their customers.

Juntos recently worked with finance and accounting recruiters, Moir Group, to develop a dedicated COVID-19 Career Resource Centre on their website. It contains a targeted suite of videos, webinars, fact-sheets and blog posts designed to assist people affected by COVID-19.

“We wanted a way for our clients and candidates to be able to access valuable career advice and information to help them during this uncertain time, quickly and easily,” said Moir Group Marketing Manager, Jessica Hamilton. “Juntos Marketing was very helpful throughout the process, understood our needs and were able to turn it around quite quickly. The COVID-19 Career Resource Centre looks great, is easy to navigate and I know it will be an invaluable resource for our candidate and client community,” she said.

Juntos Marketing were very helpful throughout the process, understood our needs and were able to turn it around quite quickly. The COVID-19 Career Resource Centre looks great


In the current climate, there’s no such thing as a standard workday. Isolation from colleagues, economic uncertainty and lack of routine and support are just some of the challenges being faced by workers amidst COVID-19.

And while customers are often front-of-mind when it comes to communications, workers can often get left behind. To help organisations better look after their staff, Juntos Marketing partnered with Birchtree Centre for Excellence to develop a ‘Staying OK at Work’ fact sheet.

This handy A4 flyer was designed for managers to distribute to their teams. It provides tips around mental health and wellbeing, including how to get the best out of working from home, staying connected with colleagues, looking after your own health and what to do if you are becoming overwhelmed.

Anxiety is a normal physiological response to threat,” said clinical psychologist and Birchtree co-director Jace Cannon-Brookes. “The current pandemic means that society as a whole has a lower threshold for stress than usual. The ‘Staying OK at Work’ initiative clearly explains some of the normal reactions to our current situation and provides practical tips for people working at home at this time. It’s been a pleasure to contribute to this great initiative,” she said.

The ‘Staying OK at Work’ initiative clearly explains some of the normal reactions to our current situation and provides practical tips for people working at home at this time.

Reassure and help.

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with almost every aspect of our daily lives, impacting both physical and mental health. Communicating genuine empathy and reassurance is key to making a difference during a crisis. Organisations that help to shine a light through the darkness need to spread their message far and wide. By communicating well during Coronavirus (COVID-19) organisations concerned with social change can have the biggest impact.

One option for fast, affordable crisis response is to adapt existing marketing materials for a new purpose. It was in this way that Juntos Marketing recently assisted Coordinare (part of the Primary Health Network based in Southern Sydney) to relaunch the successful ‘Reach out…Anytime’ campaign.

The overarching message is that ‘Life doesn’t always go according to plan’ and the campaign urges people, particularly during difficult times, to make contact with and reach out to others. By simply updating existing materials Coordinaire was able to get relevant materials out to market very quickly, providing those in need with immediate help.

The creative pack including TVC, Digital and print materials was originally developed by Juntos Marketing for the Murrumbidgee PHN and aimed to target and assist those affected by the drought. However, the message and its delivery are still of utmost importance particularly following the Bushfires in the Coordinare catchment and now the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Communicating well during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Communicating well during COVID-19 is about clearing up confusion and providing value. Don’t add to spam cluttering inboxes all around Australia. Create relevant and meaningful content. There are plenty of bored and confused people out there ready to consume it.

Effective communications will build strong relationships, and if done correctly, will pay dividends long after this crisis ends.

Please contact us if you need help communicating well during COVID-19.

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