eposter win for Juntos at eHealth Conference

The Juntos team are thrilled to win the Steering Committee prize for our HomeFAST ePoster at Sydney University’s eHealth@Sydney 2020 conference. We share this proud achievement with Lynette Mackenzie-AP at the Faculty of Health Sciences (USyd) whose fall risk screening work we digitised as a custom digital tool.

The focus for the ehealth conference was the way in which technology can be used to bridge gaps in healthcare. ePosters are a great way for the scientific and medical communities to translate and share their research results. The eposter format is popular at health conferences and provides a way to shine a light on your research. Infographics, an engaging colour palette and a clean layout helped our ePoster to stand out from the crowd.

The ePoster highlights the implications of falls in Australia and demonstrates the way our custom assessment tool has used technology to make preventative medicine more accessible, giving older people access to a fall risk assessment tool previously only available to occupational therapists.

If you know of someone concerned about having a fall or want to see our custom health-assessment tool in action visit: or you can read more about our involvement with this project.

Juntos Marketing has a great deal of expertise in health and social marketing and can guide you in translating your research into a commercial proposition, or to affect change in a wider audience. Contact us if you want to find out more about ePosters or how you can shine a light on your important research.

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