Education marketing

Are you looking for innovative marketing ideas for your school or university? Are you a dynamic player in the education sector looking to create or promote a new education program or service? Would you like to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom?

Juntos Marketing is a specialist education marketing agency. We provide a range of strategic and integrated marketing services tailored especially for schools, universities, education providers, corporate educators and other institutions.

Learning beyond the classroom

Juntos Marketing can take your marketing activities right to the top of the class.

Here are just a few activities we have delivered :

  • Marketing strategies for schools and universities
  • Community consultations
  • Corporate education programs
  • Schools education program.

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Marketing. For Good.

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and for this reason Juntos Marketing is a specialist educational marketing agency.

We understand how research-driven insights can create powerful messages, engage people’s hearts and transform their minds. We believe in the positive impact of education, and how good marketing can build the reach and power of education.

Read more about the Juntos philosophy of marketing for good.

Education marketing agency

Juntos Marketing is a specialist education marketing agency, with expertise in providing marketing services for:

• Schools, universities & colleges
• Corporate education programs
• Online education
• Tutoring organisations
• Specialist education businesses
• Continuing professional development

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