Ethical marketing

At Juntos Marketing we have a philosophy of honest and responsible promotion of products and services. We describe ourselves as an ethical marketing agency and aim to work with people who have similar values to us and feel that this alignment brings greater success through common purpose.

Giving meaning to marketing

Juntos Marketing believes in ethical marketing led by strong insights for greater authenticity.

Our experienced team can:

  • Provide market research about customers ethical purchasing decisions
  • Develop green marketing strategies
  • Create integrated marketing materials for value-driven businesses
  • Drive awareness for environmental & ethical causes
  • Promote charities, community organisations & not-for-profits

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Working together to do good

If you are business that is focussed on quality, is driven by strong values, and wants to help people and make a difference then you are just the sort of business we want to work with.

Sometimes standing up for what you believe in means making sacrifices. Sometimes we have to say ‘no’ to working with companies that we don’t believe we’ll be able to commit whole-heartedly supporting. This means saying no to the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, adult industries, sugary food and drinks and other industries that exploit people or animals, or are bad for our health.

Being ethical is also about being authentic. We place a high value on being open, honest and trustworthy. This makes us reliable and easy to work with.

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