5 Copywriting Essentials for Printed Materials

Copywriting is an important part of maximising the effectiveness of your printed materials. Keep reading to learn five copywriting essentials to keep in mind when creating printed marketing materials such as flyers and brochures.

  1. Clearly define the purpose of the printed material and who will receive it.

Be strategic in your planning.  Before writing anything, be clear about who you are targeting, so you can write with them in mind.  And be really clear about the purpose or role of your printed material.  What action do you want your target to take after reading your brochure, booklet or flyer?

  1. Benefits vs features

Think about your offer from your clients’ perspectives.  What benefits will your service or product bring to them?  Try to phrase your content around benefits rather than listing more impersonal features.

  1. Other important information

Most material will include a website and phone number.  It may be relevant to include other contact information and a call to action.  How important is it to explain your offer or to list who you are targeting?

  1. Write in a way that is easy to read

If it’s too long winded, if it’s hard to understand, if there is too much content for the space, you will lose your readers.  “Less is more” is usually a very helpful rule for all copywriting work.

  1. Edit, edit, edit

After you have written the content, leave it overnight and return with fresh eyes.  What can you take out?  What have you said twice?  What can you make clearer?

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