5 Tips for a Strong and Sustainable Position in the Market

In such a cluttered world of product offerings, where does your organisation fit into the market? More importantly, how can your brand stay relevant, and sustain its position?

It’s not an easy feat, but it can be done.

Keep reading to learn 5 tips for giving your organisation a strong and sustainable position in the market.

1. Defined Target Market

Have a clearly defined target market. Make sure you know what is really  important to them.

2. Strong Organisational Positioning

Develop a strong organisational positioning. Think: what makes you different to competitors? Why do people choose you?

3. Use a Positioning Statement

Use your positioning statement as a blueprint for all your communication with current and potential clients.

4. Consistency is Key

Be consistent. From how your materials look to how your staff present, the more consistent you are the greater your market impact.

5. Budget for Marketing

Allocate a regular budget for marketing and communication. If funds are tight, spend regular time on these tasks yourself

Bringing it Together

With time, effort and a bit of funding, your brand can have a strong and sustainable position in the market. Another great way to ascertain where you fit into the market, and how to improve your position comes from market research. This can be done in-house, or can be performed by an agency such as Juntos Marketing.

This article provided five tips for making sure that your brand keeps on top of competitors. For more tips on brand strategy and positioning, visit our blog.


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