Aging 2.0 event Sydney: Inspiring businesses to bring about positive change within the 50+ sector

Juntos marketing were proud to sponsor and be a part of the Aging 2.0 event held in Sydney last month.

Aging 2.0 is a global network that seeks to champion new technology and innovation to address some of the greatest challenges the ageing sector is currently facing.

The latest event from the Sydney Chapter of Aging 2.0 was held at the Sydney Start-up Hub, a fantastic space in the heart of the CBD, where we were joined by a number of other sponsor organisations, expert speakers and start-up organisations, who all contributed to the running of a fantastic event.

The event itself focussed on ‘Engagement and Purpose’ and the potential for truly useful and meaningful solutions for the growing 50+ sector.

People over 50 now make up nearly a third of Australia’s population and they are out-spending every other age group. Considering these facts, there is a clear opportunity for businesses seeking to meet the changing and discerning needs of this affluent sector; a sector that is no longer interested in products and services aimed at ‘old people’.

Attending the event were thought-leaders in the space, together with like-minded businesses and individuals who wanted to learn more about the opportunity in this space and also be inspired by similar people who have found success in the sector, often after facing major challenges.

Keynote speaker, Mike Rungie, kicked off the event with a compelling talk about ‘New narrative start-ups in an old narrative world’, showing the entrenched issues within established organisations in the ageing sector and how a significant change is needed to a more person-centric approach, where change is brought about through a focus on people’s needs and wellbeing.

This was followed by a lively panel discussion to get to the heart of “What’s holding back innovation in ageing”, and lastly, we got to hear from 3 new start-up businesses that have created innovative solutions in the ageing sector, achieving genuine results by thinking outside the box.

The owner of one of these start-ups came from the unlikely background of International DJ-ing in Ibiza. His pitch demonstrated the power of an AI-driven online music platform, Muru, which was created as a solution for people with Alzheimer’s disease to access a playlist of music from their life. The effects on patients of listening to curated playlists, using AI technology, were astounding and extremely moving.

The session ended with drinks and a networking session, where participants and attendees were able to mingle, connect, and, potentially, find avenues for partnership and collaboration. All in all, a fantastic and very meaningful event to be a part of. We look forward to more engaged discussions about change and innovation in the 50+ sector.


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