Celebrating 10 years of Juntos Marketing and the merger with Leapfrog Research

Last night we kicked up our heels and celebrated Juntos Marketing’s 10th birthday, and at the same time we officially welcomed Leapfrog Research to our business.

It was wonderful to share our celebrations with old friends and new, clients, staff and some of our fabulous supporters and collaborators.

Celebrating Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research               Celebrating 10 years of Juntos Marketing

Speaking at the event, Director of Juntos Marketing, Carolyn Loton said, “Like many of the best ventures in life, Juntos Marketing was born over dinner and a bottle or 2 of red wine, with the original logo concept developed in crayon on the white butchers’ paper table cloth.”

“When I look back over the past 10 years, there have been 3 magic ingredients that have contributed to our success:

  • great clients with really interesting and stimulating projects, underpinned by long term and very much valued relationships
  • great staff, who I am very proud to work with and whose efforts I am extremely proud of
  • great supporters, including our fantastic network of suppliers and sub-contractors, and our collaborators, with whom we do some of our best work.”

Directors Carolyn Loton and Jo Watts             Celebrating Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research

“One such  important collaborative relationship is with Jo Watts and Leapfrog Research, and I am so pleased that tonight we are also celebrating the merger between Leapfrog Research and Juntos Marketing.

Leapfrog Research, headed by Jo, is an established and highly respected market research organisation with specialist sector experience in youth, culture, health and industry.

Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research share a similar philosophy and approach to our work, with a focus on tailoring any research solution to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Jo is an incredibly capable and professional researcher, with a calm, authoritative, warm manner and a professional and methodical approach.  It is absolutely fantastic to have her as part of our team.

By joining forces we believe we will be able to build on the strengths of both Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research, and offer our clients a wider and more comprehensive suite of research services.”

Directors Carolyn Loton and Jo Watts       Michael Harrington and Stephen Moir at the Juntos Marketing 10th birthday party

Jo Watts, Director of Leapfrog Research then spoke, “I am delighted to be now sharing a working life with Carolyn Loton. We have known each other for almost the entire 10 years of the life of her marketing company and I have watched her with admiration as she grew her company…It was with great delight that we both finally realised we had much to offer each other in sharing our respective work experience.”

“Meeting up with Claire Dyson who has worked as a researcher for Carolyn for some time and has many years of great experience in research enabled us to consider joining forces. Claire has worked with creativity and insight for many years with top researchers and we had met previously. She has a similar sense of deep curiosity about social drives and human behaviour.  We both like to dig deep and find the motivational triggers behind attitudes…we don’t look tough but we are excavators!”

“Claire also shares a common interest with me and truly delights in understanding children’s behaviour and the attitudes of youth…this requires the opposite of excavation, careful steps and a fine psychological delicacy…and we have both worked extensively in this area.  The third main area of interest and focus relates to health where we both strive to uncover meaningful data for clients in this area.”

“…all in all it just fits and for me it represents an exciting new step to be working with such a talented team.”

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