Change management meets marketing

Your organisation is undergoing a major change or transformation.  Staff are committed but understandably uncertain. Clients are also unsure.  The management team is trying to balance driving the long term change with maintaining a functioning organisation in the short and medium term.

How can marketing help?

  1. Bring staff and management teams together for a shared purpose
  2. Give the internal team the reassurance and practical guidance to keep doing their job well in the new circumstances
  3. Provide the tools and messages to clearly communicate your new business offer
  4. Maintain regular contact with existing clients so they feel part of the change and know they are still important to the organisation
  5. Help you gauge whether you are on track for success in your new world

Bringing staff and management teams together for a shared purpose

Use strategic marketing workshops to involve all stakeholders in appropriate decisions.  By involving the team in developing the marketing strategy and plan, you will gain buy-in, and benefit from a range of perspectives and inputs.

It is important to determine in advance what decisions are the right ones to share and what decisions should remain with an executive team.

Input and insights from front line staff can be invaluable, be that sales representatives, client service teams or care providers.

Use strategic marketing workshops to gain staff buyin

Reassurance and practical guidance for the internal team

By developing clear guidelines, templates, checklists and processes around all your communications, you can provide staff with the structure and confidence to get your message out effectively.  This is so important when there has been a significant change.

Arm your staff with your organisation’s key messages and make sure everyone understands the services you do and don’t offer.  Ensure everyone practices your elevator pitch, so that it is clear and consistent.  This enables your team to answer questions or enquiries confidently.  Your team will feel part of a greater purpose and from a practical perspective, there will be less wasted time.

Tools and messages to clearly communicate your new business offer

In addition to articulating your organisation’s key messages and offers, it can also be very helpful for staff to have access to printed guidelines, brochures or flyers that summarise your updated offerings and showcase your organisation.

These may be used as a reference point, or may be distributed directly to clients and prospects.

If your workforce is not used to promoting themselves, you may need to provide coaching, training and/or provide specific guides so they are clear when and how flyers should be handed out.  Scripts and role playing can be enormously helpful for those new to selling.

Maintain regular contact with existing clients so they feel part of the change

Existing clients are extremely valuable to every organisation.  And in times of change, clients can feel uncertain – perhaps wondering if your organisation will continue to provide their services; perhaps concerned they are no longer important to you.

Keep existing clients happy and comfortable by giving them regular updates.  Share your plans and your vision.  Provide them with contact details and advise them where they can seek help.  If your staff are stretched, consider setting up and directing clients to a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your website, specifically addressing common concerns.

Simple marketing materials may also help keep you top of mind with clients at this stage.  It may be worthwhile and appropriate to hand out simple merchandise such as fridge magnets, pens, reminder pads, or even a fun gimmick.

Gauge whether you are on track for success

Market research is an invaluable tool to gauge current perceptions, understand your competitive set and map out the most promising market opportunities.  What are your clients happy with?  Where can you improve?  What insights do your staff have that can add real value to the business?

Use well designed market research to ensure your offer will resonate and to make sure you are on track for success as you navigate the changes and practice successful change management marketing.


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