Earned, Owned & Paid Media

There can often be confusion around what is earned, owned and paid media and what role each plays in creating awareness, building trust, generating leads and growing sales and profits.

  • Earned media is the first prize – it’s the exposure or ‘free’ media you get through word of mouth, press mentions, reviews and the results of PR campaigns.
  • Owned media includes all your own media platforms – like social, web, blogs and newsletters and it’s often the hidden and under-utilised power in your marketing arsenal.
  • Paid media is obviously advertising or sponsorships – which can be purchased in traditional media, but more and more, should be spent on social and other digital media platforms.

First, leverage your owned media…

It’s owned media where you have most control. Earned takes time to come to fruition, while paid media is dependent upon how much you have in your budget to spend on campaigns and promotions. So, start by focusing your efforts on your owned media, as it is here you can have some immediate impact.

Arguably, it is leveraging you owned media that is the most cost-effective way of creating and building awareness, establishing trust and persuading followers to buy your products or access your services. Owned media includes your website, blogs, social media, email marketing and newsletters – all of which can be created, developed and sustained within your organisation – sometimes with a little outside help, including some clear strategy, ideas and a bit of direction.

The primary goal with owned media is to keep developing good content that provides value to potential leads as they move through and along your marketing and sales funnel. To fully leverage and take advantage of owned media, you need to focus on producing educational, helpful and valuable content to persuade your target audience that you (or your organisation) have something that will match their needs, desires or requirements – or a solution that will solve their problems.

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Next, add paid media to enhance your owned media

Paid media is best used to amplify your owned media. Combining the two strategies can be very powerful in engaging and generating leads. But before you decide on this direction, know what is the right paid media – and how to access it …at the right time.

First, carefully define your target audience, and then work out who is your ideal prospect. Consider segmenting your audience so you can easily tailor paid media to address their specific needs. Then determine which is the right paid media, and where and when is the best time to reach those prospects with that media. Set a budget and take action.

Finally, combine all three to get the trifecta!

A three-way strategy, or three-pronged attack will often get you the trifecta. Combining owned, paid and earned media is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to leverage a content-marketing program, but to be effective will need some thought, creative ideas and planning. You will need to have a strategy.

In summary:

The effectiveness of your owned media depends on developing compelling content, which is greatly enhanced by careful targeting and expenditure on paid media – and if well planned and executed, can lead to the big prize of earned media.

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