5 Essentials in Your Printed Materials

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you start, think through exactly who you are targeting, what you want them to do, what will appeal and where and how you are going to distribute your printed materials.  This will make the process of developing your materials much more straight forward and save wastage. Ultimately you will be far more likely to reach your objectives.

2. Clear concise content

Less is often more in printed materials, depending on your purpose.  No matter what the material is, try not to cram in too many words.  Edit and edit again, so that you are as clear as possible.  Ask for feedback from others who aren’t as close to the project.

3. Check and double check

It is so easy to make simple errors in printed materials, particularly if the timeline is tight.  Check spelling – particularly headings and names of organisations.  Check the address and all contact details are correct.  And check your designer has all the correct information about mandatory requirements such as colours.

4. Choose high resolution images

Sounds obvious, but a low resolution image (say, from an older phone) won’t present well on a piece of printed material.  Your logo must be high resolution.  If you need professional, printed materials, it is almost always worth the investment in professional photography.  Stock photography can work as a back-up if you have a talented designer, but rarely looks as impressive.

5. Mock it up before you go to print

Very old school, but oh so helpful.  Print out to size if you can, then get out the scissors and glue, and mock up how the piece will look.  Check for small details, such as, if lines match up and if the proportions are right.  Check from the big picture perspective to make sure your branding and key messages stand out well enough.  For most people, looking on the screen cannot replace a print out.


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