Exciting announcement: Juntos Marketing merges with Leapfrog Research

We are delighted to announce the merger between Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research.

The Juntos Marketing business has just celebrated their 10th anniversary and the merger with Leapfrog Research has allowed us to further expand the marketing services we offer our clients.  “I am delighted to expand our research offering, further building on the marketing expertise we offer our clients,” said Carolyn Loton, Director of Juntos Marketing.

The rapidly evolving digital landscape continues to change the way business is using research.  Both business and government need to better demonstrate efficacy and return on marketing investment, while at the same time grappling with large quantities of data, often of varying usefulness.

“Many clients now want to better understand and explore motivations, barriers and triggers,” said Jo Watts, Director of Leapfrog Research.  “We are seeing a high level of interest from clients in terms of qualitative research, as more organisations focus on becoming customer-centric and on gaining a stronger and more in-depth understanding of the customer experience.”

More and more clients are valuing immersive techniques and more creative research solutions that allow organisations to understand their customers on more than just a cognitive level (Jim White, greenbookblog.com).  Many organisations are seeking research approaches that build genuine emotional connections and yield richer and more meaningful insights.

Carolyn Loton commented, “We all know there has been a massive shift in how organisations need to engage with their customers as the use of digital and mobile has increased, and consumer and user behaviour patterns have changed dramatically.”

“Across our client-base, from the health sector to professional services and industry more generally, we see many organisations wanting to try new approaches and embrace innovative products and services.  In depth market and consumer research is increasingly being required to provide guidance and greater confidence in key business decisions.”

Leapfrog Research is a well-established strategic market research company specialising in cultural, youth and customer-relationship research.   Their services and approach complement our Juntos Marketing in-house market research capabilities and our strong focus in both the health sector and within professional services and industry.

For further information about our expanded market research capabilities or the broader marketing services we offer, please contact Jo Watts (0413 112644; jo@leapfrogresearch.com.au) or contact us via our website.


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