Choosing and Planning Social Media for Businesses

Do we need to be on social media?

Not every business needs to be on social media, but for many it can be a wonderful source of new business and a very effective way to grow your awareness and reach.

Our philosophy is always to start with what you are trying to achieve, and who you are trying to target.   This should guide your decision of whether social media is right for your business, which social media to choose and how you engage.

Which social media should we use?

Again, it depends on who you are trying to target. But as a rule, choose social media where your targets are likely to be, and where they will be in the right frame of mind to take on your messages.

Consumer brands with great visuals can have strong success on Facebook and Instagram. Thought leaders and those with an education focus may have more success on Twitter. While business to business organisations and many professional services use Linkedin as an effective business development tool.

How should we approach social media?

Success with social media requires a combined approach.

Firstly you need a good plan and clear calendar, to ensure your posts are relevant and that you keep at it consistently. Part of your plan should include what you are aiming to achieve and how you will measure your success, particularly in terms of tangible business outcomes.

Secondly, you need to be prepared to try new things and make some mistakes. There are no set rules and social media is changing all the time, so a flexible approach within a structured calendar works best.

Finally, we always suggest you set up page rules, policies and guidelines at the outset, so that you know in advance how to respond to any unexpected comments or requests.


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