Using eLearning platforms to connect with clients

What’s the big deal with online learning?

What’s the big deal with online learning?  Why see eLearning under the umbrella of marketing?  And what’s the relevance if I’m not operating in the education space?

We see eLearning platforms and courses as an excellent way for organisations to connect with potential and current clients, to build your business profile and to develop deeper customer relationships.  All in a very contemporary and relevant format for consumers, many of whom have high levels of comfort in the digital space.

Think eLearning isn’t of relevance to you?  Then think again!

Keeping pace with digital transformation

Online learning allows organisations to capitalise and gain greater returns on investment for their existing assets.  Many organisations have significant resources already, but perhaps these are not being used or not used to their full potential.

By adapting your materials to a digital format and aligning them within an eLearning context, you are able to present material in an up-to-date way that suits consumers, the growth in media consumption on demand and our ever-increasing mobile use.

Many time-poor consumers highly value the ability to access quality information at a time and place that suits them.

Benefits and models of eLearning

  1. The most obvious model for investing in an online learning portal is to use the portal to generate an income. If you have resources, knowhow or materials that consumers will pay for, it is easy to set up a payment gateway and charge a fee to access your online learning courses.  By charging for your courses you potentially develop an entirely new income stream.
  2. An alternative approach is to use you online portal to build your profile and your relationship with current and future clients. In this case, organisations provide a range of useful information in a format that engages and adds value for your prospects. You may or may not charge a fee for access, however the main objective of this model is to build a long term relationship with clients, based on credibility, trust and your expert position. This long term funnel or pipeline also provides an opportunity to cross-promote your main products or services.
  3. A third approach sees online learning portals as a means for your organisation to become more efficient.  This is the case in industries with large workforces that need to meet particular statutory requirements.

In the aged care sector, for example, staff may need to undertake regular training in manual handling, first aid and cultural competence.  By having some or all of this material in an elearning format, staff can access the courses at a time and place that suits them, reducing the need for travel and face to face training.

A well designed portal will provide you as a manager, with strong data and analytics, so you can see at a glance, which staff have undertaken which courses, and particular areas of difficulty which may need further focus.

Is elearning relevant in my sector?

Developing an elearning platform is relevant for you if:

  • you have existing marketing materials, tips or useful resources that you already provide to clients
  • you have presented lectures or workshops with specialist information in the past
  • you are invited to panels or speaking engagements
  • you have particular expertise that could assist prospects

Elearning is particularly relevant for sectors where:

  • trust, credibility and authenticity are valued clients or customers. This is particularly the case in a purchase decision that has a personal component
  • subject matter expertise is sought by clients or customers
  • clients are interested in developing long term relationships with trusted suppliers
  • there is a large workforce who need to undertake regular training

Examples of our recent elearning platforms

See some of our recent elearning platforms in action:

Falls Prevention Online Workshops


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