Our Process

Got a business problem you want help solving?


The expert marketers at Juntos Marketing are on hand to help. Our briefing, response and solutions process is simple, succinct and structured for success.



We will spend time to understand your business, the problem at hand and your specific needs. We will discuss our initial thoughts and ideas and seek to develop an intelligent and considered insight to define and underpin the work we set out to do.


Once an insight is developed we will plan our marketing approach and activities. You will have a thorough rationale on each aspect and detailed timelines and costs. We will take the time to justify our chosen avenues and allow time for feedback and refinement.


Now that a plan is in effect our experienced account team will ensure a smooth path to success with the right processes in place and regular check ins/progress reports. Deliverables will be outlined and supplied in line with timelines. Feedback and collaboration is encouraged at every step of the way.


Measuring success is vital, following any activity or campaign we will delve into the results and undertake post activity evaluation, reporting and analysis. We can discuss the final results with you in detail and include recommendations to ensure future progress.