Seizing Business Opportunities, Post-COVID

Seizing Business Opportunities, Post-COVID
Australia is slowly returning to a sense of normalcy, with businesses and borders becoming free from restrictions. Overall, businesses appear to be ready to bounce back and consumers ready to spend – especially on those personal services that we’ve all had to do without for the last few months. Economists predict that there will likely be another “roaring 20s” with an increased spending spike from the locked down states. 


Australia is in a unique position because the virus has affected us differently than the rest of the world. Some states have been in lockdown for months, others have lived with little to no restrictions at all. This has resulted in some businesses having been forced to adapt quickly and increase their flexibility and innovation. Meanwhile, others have been able to operate as-normal with a few irritations. Consumers too, have developed different habits and expectations depending on their own Covid experience. 

However, there are some universal opportunities that Covid has created for businesses. Such possibilities include the rise of digitalisation, the increasing importance of sustainability, and the opportunity to test new products and offerings. This is the time to make those business changes, take a risk, and to try and solve the new myriad of problems that Covid has brought with it.


Digital, digital, digital. You’ve probably heard this word almost too much for the last 18 months. But we can’t make this point clearly enough. Digital is the new everything. Digitalisation will help increase your flexibility, it will streamline and strengthen your communications, and it will allow you to understand your consumers more. Digital transformations have been striving ahead during the Covid pandemic, and even other initiatives stalled. Digital use and access is now a consumer expectation when interacting with a brand. Not just a pretty webpage, but an optimised, enjoyable website that’s equally usable on both mobile and desktop. It is also essential to ensure that it has a connected backend that is easily employable and provides intuitive recommendations and seamless interactivity for both consumers and employees alike. 

If you need help figuring out that next step in your digitalisation roll-out, upgrading your website or content, or understanding how to capture and use your consumer data successfully, we have experience in all corners of the digital world. Let us know how we can assist you in getting started, filling your digital gaps, or solving your problems.

Alternative Shopping Channels.

Leading directly on from digitalisation are the up-and-coming shopping methods. Because digitalisation allows for additional opportunities to understand your consumers and market to them where they are, it also increases the opportunities for online shopping, click and collect, and other delivery methodologies, empowering consumers to be able to access your products however they need. With alternative purchase methods like social commerce and shoppable video rising in the United States and China, it’s only a matter of time before such channels become mainstream in Australia. Recognising the future of shopping will be increasingly digitised, it’s essential to prepare your business now. Doing so will allow you to be a leader rather than a follower for exploring new shoppable and interactive opportunities.

Investment in Innovation.

With the world currently still in-flux, this is a key opportunity for businesses to trial new areas, products, and consumer bases before things settle. Many businesses that invested in a savings buffer throughout lockdown can now make use of any extra cash at hand. It’s an ideal time to test and learn, conduct research, and develop new priorities. Additionally, now that consumers are ready to spend, and are wanting to support local businesses, it is the time to consider how you can attract new customers and what direction you want your business to lean into. Think about what lessons can be taken away from this pandemic, and what changes you want to keep.

Businesses that are agile, flexible, and innovative will be more likely to thrive in the coming years. They have learnt to pivot and adapt to fill any new niches and problems that have risen with Covid. Additionally, while Australia is coming out of larger state-wide lockdowns, it is likely that localised lockdowns will still be a feature of 2022, and companies that have the ability to shift quickly will be more likely to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented as they come.


Covid has provided the opportunity for businesses and consumers to reassess their overall environmental and social impact. Consumers are starting to demand more environmental and social responsibility from the businesses that they shop from. A demand that is being mirrored by the financial world. It’s now common to expect a net-zero plan to be included in a loan application or businesses financing. If you’re not thinking about how your business can practice sustainability, now is the. There has never been a better time to get on board sustainability train. Getting ahead of this movement with action and transparency can help you gain advantage. It shows you listen to your customers and can empower them to have a better world.

As experts in the sustainability space, Juntos is able to help conduct research exactly what your consumers want to see. More importantly, we can help you communicate your efforts both internally, and to your consumers. We want to make sure that you are getting the credit, recognition, and appreciation that you deserve.

Employee Engagement.

Finally, Covid has provided a stir in the labour market. It has incentivised people to find their passion and prompted people to find work that aligns with their priorities and values. The “Great Resignation” is currently trending in the United States, and while Australia may not feel exactly the same effects, the trend of employees expecting more from their companies by investing in both themselves and the environment, is increasing. Company culture and policies will become even more key to being able to retain staff and attract new hires. Furthermore, a focus on mental health will become a prerogative. The opportunity presents itself to look inward and ensure that you have the right people onside.


With Covid creating these emerging opportunities, now is the time to get on them and elevate your business higher. Juntos can help revitalise and grow your business from research and strategy development to campaign creation and execution. Give us a call today  to find out how we can solve your marketing mishaps, and get you on the road towards marketing for good.


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