About Juntos Marketing

Why marketing for good?

We believe in the importance of educating people, through effective marketing, about products and services that will enrich their lives in some way. This is why we specialise in health, research, education, not for profit and ethical professional services.
Our social conscience motivates us to go the extra mile. We want strong results because we care deeply about what we do and are highly knowledgeable in these areas.

Working together for better results

‘Juntos’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘together’. It highlights our process of working collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal. We value strong, long-term partnerships with our clients. Juntos Marketing will work closely with you, to truly understand your business goals and objectives and to ensure you have input at every step of the creative process. Consider Juntos Marketing an extension of your business!

Style with substance

At Juntos Marketing, we craft marketing messages that are compelling and engaging for the right audience at the right time. Strategic thinking underpins everything we do. We are big believers in research and are focussed on well thought out plans with tangible results.

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