The Power of Purpose in Business

In this episode of Marketing for Good, we chat with one of our clients Stephen Moir, CEO of Moir Group, about his business’ purpose and values journey, why it is crucial for successful businesses today to know theirs, and how marketing plays an integral role in communicating purpose and values both internally and externally.

Our work with Moir Group.

We have had the pleasure of working with Moir Group since 2019, working on a wide variety of projects and campaigns including multiple website rebuilds, marketing strategies and internal and external assets. In 2021, our team at Juntos Marketing helped Stephen bring his purpose to life like never before. With a concept called the Moir Group Wheel, we were able to turn their purpose and values into a tangible and clear internal asset that they can always fall back on.

About the business.

Moir Group is a specialist accounting and finance recruitment company, recruiting all roles from assistant accountant to CFO. Stephen Moir started Moir Group in 2007, and the company has since grown to a team of 20. A key contributor to their growth and success has been their strong purpose and values, which resonate through everything they do. Their purpose is ‘Satisfying Job, Fulfilling Life’, a statement that rings true in the company’s internal and external communications.

Satisfying Job, Fulfilling Life

Earlier in his career, Stephen worked for a multinational recruitment company where he felt disconnected from the company’s purpose and values. When he started Moir Group, he knew that having a strong purpose would be absolutely critical to the success of his business. Now, 15 years later, he can see the positive impact that having a clear purpose has had.

For a recruitment company ‘satisfying job, fulfilling life’ is something that everybody can understand. Most recruitment companies are client-focused. Moir Group’s unique Point of Difference is that they specialise in focusing on the candidate. Nearly everyone has been in a situation where they have had a bad boss, think they may lose their job, or are in an environment that they are not suited to. ‘Satisfying Job’ translates to being part of a safe work environment where you are engaged and encouraged to speak up. Ensuring that people feel safe and supported at work has the power to make a big impact on a person’s life. Pairing candidates with businesses whose values resonate with their own, Moir Group have built a trusted network of candidates. When they are ready to move into a new workplace or role, they reconnect with Moir Group to do so – time and time again – and look to them for empowerment and assistance to advance in their career. Stephen says “That’s why, after all these years, I love doing what I do.” 

How business purpose plays out internally and externally.

Externally, Moir’s purpose resonates through their high quality marketing materials that are always candidate-focused. This includes a wide variety of assets that support and advise candidates at different levels and stages of their careers. In giving candidates the tools they need for success, this allows them to be a trusted partner, which in turn drives the profit of the business. 


Initially, Moir Group were very externally focused, a common characteristic of young businesses. As time went on, it became clear that having a strong internal culture was just as important – if not more important – as maintaining external relationships. Internally, Moir Group has spent a great deal of time focusing on how their staff can support one another. In collaboration with Moir Group, the team at Juntos Marketing helped Stephen bring his purpose to life.

“When we bring new people in – when we are doing a lot of our internal training – we tie everything back to our purpose. Everybody understands what it means and can play their part to create momentum. That is how we are continuing to grow.”

Stephen Moir


Why it’s more important than ever to have a business purpose.

With low levels of unemployment, businesses are struggling to hire and retain staff, which is stunting business growth tremendously. To combat this issue, many companies are putting their operations under a microscope, and reassessing (or building) their business purpose and values.


“77% of executives say hiring and retaining talent is their most critical growth driver in 2022”

PwC Pulse Survey: Executive view on business in 2022


“We would argue that the issue for employers is more about the “great renewal” – focusing on purpose, re-skilling, working to create impact, understanding value and, via digital and ESG, finding better ways to connect with stakeholders, customers and employees.”

KPMG: The big issues facing business leaders in 2022.


“70% of Gen-Z + Millennials believe a brand should have a Purpose they personally believe in”



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